Thursday, December 25, 2008

Egg Foo Yung

First and foremost, let me apologize for the potential butchering of that spelling. I am not well versed in most Asian cuisine and there were about fourteen different spellings online, so I just went with this one. Growing up, this was one of the regular items ordered by my family that I would refuse to touch... I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they called it "Brain". Yeah. Anyway, egg foo yung is an omelet-like dish that might have Cantonese or Polynesian origins (this has been debated) but is commonly found on American Chinese menus. Primarily eggs and vegetables, it is often also available with meat or seafood included... I think we had the chicken variety. This was part of the (in hindsight) unnecessarily large order of Chinese food that was part of our low-key Christmas Eve. While I had my standard sesame chicken on the table - and another egg roll for those that have read my earlier posts - I decided to be gung-ho and try Brain for the first time. Let's get on with the details...

What I Like:
Eggs, chicken, and flavored sauces.What I Don't Like:
I still don't fully comprehend everything that was in there, and the world wide web did not give me a concise list of standard ingredients, so I will just name the one thing that was so obvious it hurt... onions. I don't like onions... and I mean I REALLY don't like onions. In this egg foo yung they were large and plentiful... boo to that.
Who Made Me Try It:
I'm the one that put it on my plate, but I was strongly supported by my dad. I don't think he thought I would actually try it, so he can put this in his pipe and smoke it.The Results:
Houston, we have a problem. Perhaps it was just this recipe, but I did not like it. The egg portions of it were good and the sauce/gravy on top was tasty, but the onions were over the top. I felt like there was more onion than anything else on there and that was annoying. Thankfully I had plenty of sesame chicken, white rice and an egg roll to fill me up... even though I was still hungry an hour later.

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Bernadette said...

It was roast pork! But yes, I hear you - the onions were over the top!