Saturday, January 17, 2009


The title of this post might be a little misleading. Instead of "Raspberries" it should really only say "Raspberry". I'll get a little more into that below though. As you've probably noticed, the posts here have slowed down a little. The holidays provided a lot more opportunities to try new food than my everyday life does, but being sick for a week and rarely leaving the office lately haven't helped either. I'm back now though and ready to keep things moving. Since I am not going out to new and exotic restaurants to try most of this stuff, I'll likely be having more basic posts like this one. There are countless foods which people assume to be commonly eaten but still have not passed my lips... such as most berries. The raspberry is one that I've historically been even less willing to try due to its odd look. That changed yesterday, so let's see how it went.

What I Like:
Raspberry Pop-Tarts, but unfortunately that was not on the menu.
What I Don't Like:
Raspberries, and the urge to enunciate both the P and the B... "Rasp-Berries".

Who Made Me Try It:
Hurley Bird strikes again. She stopped by my desk with one of those clear plastic containers I always see at the grocery store and offered me some. In the spirit of It's Not Chicken, I couldn't say no.

The Results:
I'm still not completely sold on these things, but I will be willing to taste one again. The flavor was really good of course, and the texture was interesting. It actually had the feel of a gummy snack (a la "Fruit Gushers") but the seeds were a nuisance. Do they make seedless raspberries? If those exist I think I might like to try one.

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Courtney said...

I want credit for the baba ganoosh and falafel. ;)