Sunday, December 7, 2008


This one has a bit of a back story to it, so I'll get started with that. Years ago at one of the Thanksgiving meals of my youth my parents decided I needed to try celery again. I refused. I think something was said to "motivate" me (couldn't leave the table, couldn't have dessert, or something like that) and still I refused. I just knew that if I took a bite of that celery I was going to vomit. Nothing was more certain to me at that moment. So I continued to refuse... "If you make me eat it I'm going to throw up!"... and still they made me take a bite. And you know what happened? That's right. I threw up... from celery. To this day I still got mocked for that at home, but I also still stand by the fact that I was right.

Flash forward probably twenty years and I found myself at a similar crossroad... this time with two good friends and a few good beers in me. I sat there with the only remnants left on our plate of wings being the standard side of celery sticks and two people who seemed VERY determined to make me eat them.

What I Don't Like:
Well folks, that would be celery.What I Do Like:
A good back rub, but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.Who Made Me Try It:
Hurley-Bird and Jebs, during a much needed weeknight distraction consisting of tree decorating and a few rounds at Muggsy's.The Results:
You know what? It wasn't bad! It helped that I was dipping it in a little blue cheese, but I actually ate several bites. I'm actually happy that I tried it and look forward to future orders of wings and maybe even some of those celery-stick-filled-with-peanut-butter things I keep seeing. This whole blog thing is already a success! Oh, and in case anyone isn't believing any of this... I decided to include photographic evidence.

(Sorry for the low resolution... it's form a camera phone.)

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