Thursday, December 25, 2008


The holidays are upon us, so you can probably expect to see a few new posts from me within the next couple days. I am in my parent's house with alcohol a-plenty and all kinds of foods that I would normally never try, but am slightly more open to thanks to the combination of this blog and inhibitions loosened by booze. The first attempt? Shrimp. Growing up on the eastern shore of Maryland there are two things you are supposed to love... corn and seafood. I don't like either. I didn't get too much pressure to try various seafoods growing up since one of my sisters is allergic, but it still found its way into our house and as I've grown up (using that term loosely) there have been exponentially more opportunities for me to try it from year to year. Unlike most of the entries here at It's Not Chicken, shrimp is one that I tried before and did not like. I remember vividly being at the house of my parents' friends on a lovely summer evening with a variety of beers and knoshy foods available. One of these foods was your standard shrimp with cocktail sauce for dipping. I tried a bite, hated it, and spit it right into a napkin. BUT... I tried it, and that was enough for my parents at the time. After I got home yesterday my folks laid out a bunch of snack-type foods to tide everyone over until dinner and leftover shrimp from their holiday party was one of the options. I decided to go for it. Here's how it went...

What I Like:
Cocktail sauce.
What I Don't Like:
Shrimp.Who Made Me Try It:
This was a wicked combination of my mother and Yuengling... or what I like to call "the one-two punch".The Results:
Still not really a fan... sorry. I had a very generous amount of cocktail sauce on there for the first bite, and that helped, but I am still just not a big fan of seafood... especially cold seafood. It still tasted to me like whatever body of water it came out of. That might just be something I need to get used to though now that I am on this mission. I was willing to take the second bite necessary to finish that individual shrimp but I vehemently refused to take another piece. I'm not going to change overnight people and I think I have made a lot of progress so far... this was just a smaller step than some of the other ones I've taken recently.

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Bernadette said...

Haha, sounds like you agree with Jen when she says, "it tastes like I'm licking sand."