Monday, December 15, 2008

Cranberry Salsa

It is pretty common for my teammates at work to bring in a variety of snacks (or "sniggies" as we call them) and pretty common for me to not be able to eat them. We have a Vegan-by-choice, a lactose intolerant Hispani-Jew, and a slew of folks that think "organic is a food group. Now, there's nothing wrong with any of that and a lot of the food they bring in honestly looks really really good. Generally I don't partake unless its some form of cookie and even then I ask four separate people what's in it to make sure they aren't trying to sneak anything by me. Today was different. My buddy Andre is a big fan of this blog so when Loinsy-Boy put cranberry salsa on the table today he lept at the opportunity to make me try a bite. I tried to put up a fight but I could tell he wasn't going to leave me alone until I tasted at least a little bit. Let's see how it went...

What I Like:
I asked for the ingredients so that I'd be able to give an official list here and in the next category. The parts I like include apple juice, green apples, sugar and chopped up cilantro. Let's get to the longer list...
What I Don't Like:
Cranberries, red onion, jalepeno peppers and sweet red pepper. He didn't say anything about tomato, but I'm pretty sure there was some of that in the mix as well.
Who Made Me Try It:
Andre strikes again! I got pressure from other folks nearby but it was Dredle-Dre leading the charge... that bastard.The Results:
I have to say that it didn't taste too bad. The cranberries added a really interesting flavor that I did not see coming at all. Even with that though, there were still a LOT of chunks. I added another chip to the top so that the chopped medley wouldn't overpower the one I used to scoop, and that seemed to help too. Now, I only had one bite but I would be willing to maybe have another bite in the future of this or other salsas.

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A small step for The Boy!