Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm a little excited about this one folks... let me tell you why. My parents both eat just about everything. My mom only dislikes one thing... ONE (that I know of). And that, my friends, is peas. I remember one Thanksgiving when she stepped away from the table to answer the phone and we thought it would be hilarious to dump the entire dish of remaining peas out on her plate. There are not that many times I can recall my mom being angry but this was one... she was NOT amused. So I am finding a little extra satisfaction in my pea eating (not to be confused with pee eating... that's just gross) because this is the thing that I know my mother - my creator and the biggest food enforcer in my life - won't eat unless it contains the antidote.

Getting back on track, I'll tell the tale of this latest cuisine conquest. The building I work in has the occasional lobby event with free food of some sort. It ranges from ice cream to seasonal meals, but it kicks ass every time. This week they had - and I don't know why - free food around lunch time that consisted of two pasta varieties, salad, desserts and punch. I partook in the pastas and deserts because the salad had pear in it and I can only try/post so many things in one week... I'm not a machine people. One of the two pastas was your standard ziti with marinara sauce and the other was bow tie pasta with an alfredo sauce, peas and what I later found out was bacon or ham of some sort. It isn't out of character for me to have taken both types, but normally I would pick each individual pea out of the bow tie pasta and dispense of it. That's the old Bill... the new Bill breaks a two-by-four with his head and then eats some of the peas. Let's get to the basics...

What I Like:
Pasta, alfredo sauce and bacon

What I Don't Like:
Who Made Me Try It:
I'm becoming more and more willing to try things on my own, but this was inspired and supported by Dre.

The Results:
I ate most of them! I don't know if it is because they were doused in alfredo sauce, but they didn't bother me much. The texture was a little odd (or at least new) but combined with the other elements of the dish it wasn't completely noticable. I don't think I will be asking for a side of peas in any upcoming meals, but I have decided I'm ready to try pot pies again now that I'm more willing to consume the various ingredients. I honestly never thought I would be trying this many new foods in this short amount of time... all thanks to the Internet. It provides me with employment and has succeded in motivating me to do things that neither my parents or any of my girlfriends have ever been able to get me to do (eat).

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