Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is the other major milestone for me the night I had baba ganoush (see the last post). I don't know where my coworkers ordered the food from but there were all kinds of odd things laying around - and I say "odd" because normally late-night office food is Chinese take-out or Panera (there's one right next door). Anyway, the falafel I think might have come on top of a pizza but, if I remember correctly, it also had cheese on it which they had asked to have it without for the sake of our friend with IBS. It was in sliced strips and looked like some sort of deep-fried goodness you would find at a carnival or state fair. Even with the warning that it was mostly (or entirely) vegetable based I decided to give it a try. And here's how it went...

What I Like:
Fried foods... to a degree. I refuse to eat a deep-fried Twinkie or Oreo... they are too good on their own and it seems like a bastardization to fry them. The Monte Cristo sandwich, on the other hand... now THAT is food improved by boiling oil.

What I Don't Like:
Fava beans and chick peas... although I do enjoy the hummus-state of the chick pea.
Who Made Me Try It:
Why, that would be C-Meri!! (Told you I would give you credit girl.)

The Results:
I am officially requesting a name change for this food... instead of "falafel" it will now be called "falawesome". Seriously... this was really good! I dipped it in the tahini sauce and that was pretty awesome too (but condiments don't get posts... sorry). I am actually very anxious to try the street-meat version of falafel now. If nothing else, It's Not Chicken is opening my eyes to new choices from sidewalk-based food vendors. Yay!

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