Saturday, January 31, 2009


The avocado has puzzled me for some time now. I feel like it came out of nowhere and suddenly everyone and their mother was eating. Is there an avocado promotion board somewhere that brought this about? It could juts be my coworkers though who are again the primary influencers on my recent dietary expansion efforts. Several of my teammates bring in at least one avocado a week it seems and put it on their salads and sandwiches, or just eat it on its own. Yesterday, someone brought in a Dominican Republican avocado, which apparently is some special kind that is double the normal size and half the usual fat content. (Side note... how does a vegetable have fat?) They sliced it up and put it on a plate for the team to share, so I decided it was time for me to bit the bullet and go for it...

What I Like:
Salt an pepper. Also Salt 'N Peppa... Shoop!

What I Don't Like:
Avocado... normally. Although I will sometimes take small tastes of guacamole.

Who Made Me Try It:
Stringee and Hurley-Bird.
The Results:
I'm still not sold, but I haven't given up. I was told that this variety doesn't have the exact same texture/taste as the traditional avocado - it was very reminicent of a hard-boiled egg - so I think I might have to try a regular one next chance I get so that I can compare and solidify my opinion.

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