Monday, March 2, 2009


There are a number of foods that my parents have been trying to tell me that I should like for what feels like ages. Salmon is pretty high on that list. Seafood was never a staple food item between my lack of interest and my sister's allergy, but my folks love it so they have amped up the frequency of its preparation since they became empty nesters. Every time they eat salmon they tell me that I should try it and every time I tell them no. Well, last week was the first week at my new job and on Friday my team had lunch together at an administration-only eatery on campus. The buffet (for lack of a better word) items that day were salad, salmon, rice and stuffed shells. I knew I would be content with stuffed shells and salad but decided it might be time to finally bite tht bullet and try salmon. Here's how it went...

What I Like:
Lemon and herbs... and rice (on the side).
What I Don't Like:
Creatures of the sea that rhyme with "ham on".
Who Made Me Try It:
While my parents have been telling me to try it for years, this is another one that was mostly on my own. I was debating it while in line but didn't want to be "the new guy that eats wierd". Also, I overheard my colleague explaining that he might need to try it too, so I thought I wouldn't be alone. I think I was anyway.

The Results:
Alright dad... you have written proof posted to the world wide web... You Were Right. I liked the salmon, damn it. I enjoyed it enough to try it at other eateries in the future too. Are you happy now? You better be... oh yes, you better be.

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